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What I Do

I change lives by creating a massive shift in my clients' mindset to allow them to take big steps in making the changes in their life that will take them to their health and fitness aspirations.

I help people to be in better health today and for the future, move more freely and be in less pain. If you want to lose weight I will show you how, if you want to tone up, get strong I will show you how. If you are recovering from injury I will show the fastest way back to full health. If you are training for a specific sport I will show you how to move more efficiently to advance your performance.

My Story

I have always been passionate about health and fitness it's something I've always been drawn to. As I've got older and through my studies I am learning how to move better and to overcome pain and injuries.

As a young athlete I didn't think about how I moved or what would make me move better - I didn't have to. Through my continued learning of human movement I have an immense appreciation for how clever our bodies are. When we are not able to get the best from one part of our body another part will pick up slack. This is how we develop asymmetries or imbalances in the body. It's a good thing - otherwise we would breakdown far quicker with injuries. However these imbalances if left unaddressed can lead to further and possibly bigger problems, when these parts can no longer continue to pick up the slack or take that extra strain is when injuries typically occur and so limit our progress. This is where my understanding and continued learning of human movement has been invaluable both with my personal experience and with my clients.

Traditional training, in my mind, has focused too much on one plane of movement and isolating one muscle or one body part. This is not how we move. We move in all three planes with all muscles, most of the time. Muscles work as an integrated system rather than individualised units. So if you are only training one way you're training for failure.

My degree is in sport science, this gave me a solid scientific understanding of the physiological, biomechanical and anatomical processes of the body. Whatever level you are at these processes are the same for all of us. From here I wanted to find a way to help more people to be in better health. To reduce their risk of heart attack, lower their blood pressure, lose body fat, recover fully and more quickly and indeed prevent re-injury.

My studies led me through ACSM HFI (American College of Sports Medicine - Health and Fitness Instructor) NSCA CSCS, NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer) Most recently I have completed both the FASTER Performance and FASTER Therapy Diplomas. With this knowledge I am able to reduce my client's pain and get them moving better - within their session. I feel fortunate to have found this type of training and thought process and have been able to learn from the top leaders in this field. (Michol Dalcourt, Gary Gray, John Hardy, Ian O'Dwyer, Tom Myers, and Chuck Wolf) Aside from being able to take this knowledge and apply it directly with my clients they have personally changed my life and allowed me to do what I love after debilitating injury.

For this I am especially grateful.


Elizabeth Banks


BSc (Hons.) Sports Science
Z-Health R, I, S & T Phase, 9S Strength & Suppleness,
9S Structure
PCM (Fellow of Gray Institute, Class 2013)
GIFT (Fellow of Gray Institute, Class 2011)
FMT (Foot Manipulation Techniques) Level 3
PTA Global
FASTER Functional Therapy
FASTER Functional Performance
BOSU Master Trainer
TRX Master Trainer
Nike 365 Trainer
Fully Insured
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